Roller coaster ride premature baby poem poster

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This poem is a memento from a parent to their miracle baby to show how far they have come on their journey through the Neonatal unit. This would make a beautiful addition to the nursery of a baby born prematurely or too sick to come home from hospital immediately. This is part of our premature baby range so a percentage of sales are donated to two wonderful baby charities, Bliss and Born Too Soon. 

The poem reads:

'I didn't buy a ticket for this roller coaster ride

Some days I wish that we could jump off and hide

When I leave you each day I leave a part of me behind

And then I call in the middle of the night

When the dark and the stars make my fear shine bright

But when I see you in the morning everything seems right

No matter what the latest fight

I watch you breathe and count the beeps

That sound can creep into the deepest of my sleeps

I see your strength, your fire, your soul,

I never knew something so small could be so bold

Hold on tight now, raise the bar,

It's been worth the ride now, we've come so far'  

Choose either a black or white quality wooded frame and your poster will be delivered ready to hang. 


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