Multiple Miracle baby congratulations personalised chocolate card

Price: £4.80
Price: £6.00

This card has been designed for a family who have had more than one miracle baby. Ideal for twins, triplets or parents blessed with a whole squad of babies! This is part of our premature baby range so a percentage of sales are donated to two wonderful baby charities, Bliss and Born Too Soon. 

When a baby arrives early or is too sick to come home from the hospital immediately, it can be difficult to know what to say and do for the parents. The best gift you can give is simply to let them know that you're thinking of them, and to celebrate the arrival, no matter how tough. This unique, personalised card with a heartfelt message will be a very welcome gesture. Show how much you care with a unique personalised chocolate card designed to lift the spirits of the parents of a premature or sick baby.  

The four delicious chocolate squares tucked inside the card are made from creamy milk chocolate, and you can see them peeking temptingly through the round windows inside the card. These slide out on a tray to be enjoyed and the card can then be displayed with pride. The personalised card alone will delight them and the simple chocolate treat inside will make your card truly memorable.


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